If everyone knows their strengths and puts them to use in the community, together we will change the world.

Dare be yourself, recognize yourself and live using your strengths. This is the only way to release the power of the community and shape our future positively, including overcoming all the serious challenges of our time.

Our founders

"We believe in positive change and want to 'open minds and hearts to it'. We see empathy, appreciation, mindfulness, awareness and education as the foundation of a good future, with the highest possible satisfaction for all. It is important to us to bring people together not only in spite of their differences, but because of them, and to promote a movement for the better."

The founding couple combines the values that guide them with a strong entrepreneurial spirit: Janina and Benjamin want to actively implement change and for this reason, with their visions, develop large flagship projects that inspire numerous people to also come into self-efficacy.

Janina Lin Otto

Foundation Board

I believe that everyone has a special talent and I want to encourage and inspire everyone to follow their individual path. By doing so, together we can solve the present challenges and create the greatest possible added value for society.

Benjamin Otto

Foundation Board

My vision is a world in which people live together peacefully, appreciatively and happily. The promotion of the well-being of body and mind is especially close to my heart. Mindfulness, awareness and education are key for a good future.

Alexander Wiegand

Head of Media


Gregor Pawlowski

Chief Ecosystem Officer LIFE HAMBURG & Advisor Holistic Foundation


Markus Lentzler

CEO LIFE HAMBURG & Advisor Holistic Foundation


Piet Mahler

CEO + Co-Founder holi & Advisor Holistic Foundation


Sandra Schmidt

Assistant to the Foundation Board


Tom Korn

Chief Impact Officer


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