Facilitating the needs of the community

Our funding criteria: We support partner projects and initiatives that align with our values, vision and goals. We do this exclusively as part of alliances, together with other partners, because we believe in the power of collaboration and the effectiveness of the community. Our current focus is on Hamburg's metropolitan region. 

Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning is the basis for an enlightened and conscious approach to oneself and the world. The ability to reflect on oneself and one's environment is a continuous process.

Profession / Vocation

When people recognize their individual strengths, are intrinsically motivated and follow their purpose, they add the most value for themselves and the community.

Well-being /

Health forms the basis of life, because in a healthy body dwells a spirit that enables happiness and contentment.


Making a conscious use of our resources and living in harmony with nature is what it takes to give something back to the earth.

Lifelong learning projects

Projects Profession / Vocation

Environment projects