Consciously shaping the future together 

If everyone knows their strengths and puts them to use in the community, together we will change the world.

This requires courageous, self-confident and empathetic individuals who self-effectively contribute to the collective.

We want to empower people, inspire them and create awareness for the challenges of the present and the future. 


We actively implement our visions in our own projects. We see ourselves as visionaries and idea generators. Implemented by teams of experts, we make change tangible. 


We support social and high-impact initiatives, currently with a focus on Hamburg, in order to create role models for social change together with people and politics.


We want to inspire people to help shape the world. The world offers countless opportunities and facets that are worth exploring, always being open to new things and learning from each other.

About us

We want to create a basis for enabling projects that have a positive impact on society and for developing solutions for a good future.

We take a holistic view of the world and act on issues that form the basis for a strong society and a happy future.

In doing so, we act with the utmost conviction regarding issues and topics that matter most to our founders. These topics are closely related to one another: A healthy body and a healthy mind as well as education and awareness in relation to people and nature, lead to self-determined personalities and a life of self-efficacy.

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Team Holistic: Collaborating for a better future

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